Thursday, 21 May 2009

"Bartok is Bore-tok"

So this week i made up a song about muted violin glissandi. Or to put it more simply, I went completely crazy. 5 A Levels in 5 days is not good for my mental health!

As you may have guessed, due to the intense number of exams this week i've been a little lacking in social action, however here's a wee outfit from when i went out to dinner last Friday:

- cream lace dress, worn as top
- skirt from primark years ago
- all saints boots
- wee accessorize hairband as necklace
- and yes, yes that is a winter coat in spring - it was absolutely lashing down! - this is Ireland after all

Oh yes, and the title is a referance to the 20th Century composer Bartok - the absolute bane of my existance this week!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Class of 2009

Well it's officially over. I have finished school forever, never to return... except for the mildly important exams that are pending.
School last week was a tad dramatic. Without going into great detail our year managed to take the expected pranks and blow them right out of the water - and not entirely in a good way. When we drove in on Tuesday we were greeted with "WILLY" written across the grass bank, "BUS WANKERS" at the bus stop (which is actually hilarious for anyone who watches The Inbetweeners), and various anatomy drawn all over the school walls - charming. More witty pranks included painting the nurse's mobile purple and green - excellent!

Thursday was our last ever day in school! We basically just had parties and got our shirts signed all day:

Thursday night brought our leavers mass. I cried right from the opening song, to the Head Boy's speech. And my friend singing Coldplay's "The Scientist" didn't help the mascara stay dry either!
We all went out for the leavers do after, excellent night!

Unfortunately there's no great photos of my outfit, i will put them up some time (when i'm not revising for exams) but you can get a little sense of it in these photos:

The most hilarious teacher made an appearance - a constant source of entertainment over the past 7 years, from calling our class 'sheep' to letting a cat in our classroom.

Was wearing a dress from Liberty Blue, a boutique in Belfast,
killer heels from office
and topshop earring
- the tie isn't mine, some boy put it on me mid-way through the night, but it matched perfectly!