Saturday, 18 April 2009

E is for Easter!

And what an excellent one it has been. Haven't been on here in aages.
The day after school finished, my boyfriend and i went up to his apartment in Donegal. It's gorgeous up there:

The next day we were joined by our friends... drinking games happened... it was all a bit hilarious - see below:

Anyhow, went out for dinner last night, and it was truly excellent.
Wore this:

Yes i am aware that it is navy blue and black, but it looked better in person.
My bored face is a bit unforgiveable though. Ah well.
Jacket is prestige business fashions from urban renewal;
the top is a dress i got years ago and have no recollection of where;
boots are primark

1 comment:

rachel said...

I really want to interrail too! It would be amazing. And it's actually me sister in the rain, but she does look really masculine in that picture!

I'm loving these pictures and your outfit; love the Primark boots :)