Sunday, 22 February 2009

Lent, Being busy, and oh... Je T'aime

Been ridiculously busy lately. Back at school - 3 months of school left ever, so plenty of work to be done, and i'm figuring it'll be worth putting a bit of effort in for the last stretch.
So this is an outfit from a few fridays ago. I went to see my friend who was the leading lady in the musical "Crazy For You". She was fabulous - I felt an ounce of pride!

Wearing: all saints boots, black leggings, je t'aime tshirt - topshop, uo scarf, and kate moss jacket from forever ago.

On another note, it's lent! I'm off all things tempting ie. sweets, crisps, cake, chocolate, and my biggest vice - pizza. I realised at the weekend that the important part of all this is to do it without complaining. So far so good!
I'm also making an effort to stay out of people's bitchy conversations - i hadn't quite realised how frequent they were until I tried to restrict myself.

What is everyone else doing for lent?

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Be my Valentine

Wee Valentine's day yesterday. It was lovely. I was in a horrible mood all day, and then my boyfriend invited me to his house. When i walked into his room there were candles everywhere, and a table set for two, with roses, and aahh i felt ridiculously spoiled!

The flowers, buns he made, the menu (which he made!), and chocolates he got for me - how beautiful is that box?!

me today - rater tired.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Water, Wine, and Candystripes

Was out last night for my friend's 18th. We went to her house beforehand, and I must have been the most content person in the world - there was chips and dip, there was water, there were carbs-a-plenty, there was wine, there was birthday cake, there was sweeties. A-maz-ing.

In fact i looked this happy:

I wore:

dress detail:

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Before & After

It is 00.49 and i am already home half an hour. I'm such a loser tonight, but i was feeling sick. Went to see Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip. They were good, until my head started spinning half way through haha. So we left basically as soon as they finished.

Unexciting outfit, but i wasn't really feelin' it at all today:

Before leaving:

When i got home:

- knitted top - river island (surprisingly)
- leggings
- black top, worn as skirt
- beloved all saints boots
- head band (worn as a necklace in the second picture)
i wore a coat etc, when outside due to the whole freezing temperatur

Firstly, but really secondly.

So it snowed. Oh it snowed like its never snowed before. And now my street is a block of ice. Charming. Or more like, impossible to be graceful and embarassing when you the ground decides it wants to be best friends with your behind.

First it looked like this:

And i looked like this (far right:

I'm sporting:
- some lovely wellies with parrots all over them;
- nike limited edition waterproof ... both bought for a music festival;
- urban outfitters knee high sports socks;
- a fabulous wooly hat from a market in cambridge;
and thick wooly mittens by kangol which my boyfriend got me in canada
... and many other layers!

we had a "6th year snowball fight" - our official last snow day of school ever!
we sledded, we (attempted) to build igloos, and we made snow angels. fab.

today looked a little more like this:


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Better late than never

I had my formal - Irish verion of 'prom' - in November (yes, yes it was four months ago), but just found some of the pictures tonight and thought i would share:

pre-formal: getting my corsage!

during the formal: happy that we brought hipflasks, as the bar was very expensive!

post- the formal ie. the after formal - at a gay bar...

more after formal

definitely the after formal