Sunday, 22 February 2009

Lent, Being busy, and oh... Je T'aime

Been ridiculously busy lately. Back at school - 3 months of school left ever, so plenty of work to be done, and i'm figuring it'll be worth putting a bit of effort in for the last stretch.
So this is an outfit from a few fridays ago. I went to see my friend who was the leading lady in the musical "Crazy For You". She was fabulous - I felt an ounce of pride!

Wearing: all saints boots, black leggings, je t'aime tshirt - topshop, uo scarf, and kate moss jacket from forever ago.

On another note, it's lent! I'm off all things tempting ie. sweets, crisps, cake, chocolate, and my biggest vice - pizza. I realised at the weekend that the important part of all this is to do it without complaining. So far so good!
I'm also making an effort to stay out of people's bitchy conversations - i hadn't quite realised how frequent they were until I tried to restrict myself.

What is everyone else doing for lent?


McCall said...

hello there, i am the girl who wrote the post about sharing our blogs on the teen vogue forum (im "alwaysdreaming" there)i like your blog thats an adorable tee ♥
and i love songs on here.

Linda said...

I was supposed to give up Facebook and other social networking sites for Lent, but that lasted about a week because a teacher needed to add me on FB because I was applying for a program. Anyway, long story short, who am I kidding? We Protestants don't fast. Rofl.