Saturday, 7 February 2009

Firstly, but really secondly.

So it snowed. Oh it snowed like its never snowed before. And now my street is a block of ice. Charming. Or more like, impossible to be graceful and embarassing when you the ground decides it wants to be best friends with your behind.

First it looked like this:

And i looked like this (far right:

I'm sporting:
- some lovely wellies with parrots all over them;
- nike limited edition waterproof ... both bought for a music festival;
- urban outfitters knee high sports socks;
- a fabulous wooly hat from a market in cambridge;
and thick wooly mittens by kangol which my boyfriend got me in canada
... and many other layers!

we had a "6th year snowball fight" - our official last snow day of school ever!
we sledded, we (attempted) to build igloos, and we made snow angels. fab.

today looked a little more like this:


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