Saturday, 14 March 2009

In the red

Stresssed out week. We had A level modules in January and received the results on Thursday past. My results were good, and i would have been ecstatic if had not found out a week earlier that i actually need an A in Biology to go to my first choice of uni. So basically our entire year went out that night to celebrate/ drown our sorrows.
I wore this:

ny tee, my friend got for me in New York (shocking)
firetrap skirt
wee school socks
primark shoes!

It ended up being an absolutely hilaarious night, culminating in my friend yelling at the chip shop "WHY?! WHYYY aren't you open???!" at 2.30am - we proceeded to go to the one next door instead!
Was suffering the next day, but so was everone, so our teachers didn't really make us do any work.


<3 said...

LOVE that outfit XD
Extremely cute jacket :]]

La Fée said...

I love the red, black and white together!!

Lilpixie said...

I like your style!

Echo said...

Love the outfit. That red skirt is simply amazing.


Sammie said...

Thanks for commenting!

Love the outfit; I have yet to own an "I <3 NY" shirt and I live like 45 minutes away.

Gabrielle. said...

Thank you!
I love your blog. So fresh and cute. That outfit's adorable.

yoooo. said...

love your style, that red skirt is nice :)

Marie said...

So, you just commented on my blog, (thanks!) and I came on over here... and I love it! All the posts I have looked at so far are tres fab! Great!