Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hello London, 16/01/09

I got my boyfriend to tickets to see comedian Bill Bailey for christmas, in London. A great choice really as i got to experience all the fun of the gift too! I seem to have developed a penchant for ridiculously early flights (or the more likely circumstance, that early = cheap, for my consistently empty purse), and was up from 5am.
Long story short, we eventually got to the city centre, shopped, found our hotel, drank, had a lovely wee dinner and went to the show. And he did not dissapoint. I actually found myself relieved when the interval came so my cheeks could relax, from laughing for a solid hour!


I wore this: (terrible picture, we tried it about 5 times and this was the least dark of all shots - my boyfriend is apparently incapable of taking a photograph haha!)

wearing these boots:

by All Saints;
Topshop swimwear dress
Turqoise coat, don't know where from
thrifted bag

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La Fée said...

those boots are gorgeous!
and bill bailey is hilarious, that emo song is a classic!