Saturday, 10 January 2009

Outfits to avoid revision

I have A level modules this week and last, and should really be spending considerably more time revising, but can't quite get in the zone right now.

So here are 2 outfits:
Last night:

and New Years Eve:


Anonymous said...

Love your New Years Eve outfit. That shirt is lovely.

La Fée said...

Gorgeous outfits! And I know what you mean, I have my A-levels at the moment and it's just so hard to get motivated :/ 2 down, 3 to go! What subjects do you do, out of interest? :)

Sammie said...

Love both of the outfits, I hope to see a lot more from your blog!

Kinsey said...

love, love, love but outfits! I am in love with the shoes from the outfit from last night!
I'm glad you got a blog!

Lains said...

Wow, cute outfits, and I love the shirt from New Years Eve.

giggleness said...

completely adorable! i love both of the outfits.

Anonymous said...

I completely love your outfits, very adorable.

I really like your blog as well, it's truly truly lovely.

OH. and also, on the other post it said you love gilmore girls, well I do too, it's absolutely the best (:

kelsea said...

those boots are great!